Managed Software and Services


Endpoint Protection

We deploy antivirus software designed for enterprise level security. We install, and manage the software for you. No need to handle licensing, updates or scans. We monitor for threats and vulnerabilities, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Password Management

Adopt and deploy secure and convenient password management and policies to protect your accounts. There is no need to use short or repetitive passwords that are easily cracked or remember long convoluted passwords of random characters. Use a password manager to take care of this chore for you.

Cloud Backup

We configure and manage cloud backup of your most important files or your whole computer. Have peace of mind in the event of a disaster: ransomware, natural disaster, theft, or accident. Recover within hours or days with professional help. Don't stress over handling this on your own. We are here to handle your recovery from a data loss incident. Protect your data, back it up.


Place a layer of security over your incoming email. Clicking a link or opening an attachment can be an open door to malicious software. Be continually warned of best practices, alerted to suspicious emails, and have dangerous messages filtered. Feel confident about your email inbox, opt. for an extra layer of security.

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