About Us

KovirTech LLC

Who We Are

KovirTech LLC is a technical solutions provider serving companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals who seek to leverage the power of technology. KovirTech is a division of KovirPage LLC, where KovirPage focuses on technical writing, professional development, and capacity building. KovirTech branched from KovirPage in order to meet the need to provide key technical solutions for customers and clients. KovirTech is a small business that grows it’s capacity with client need.

What Do We Do

We provide technical hardware and software solutions that support key aspects of a business, non-profit organizations, or individual’s operations. We provide remote management of computer systems and servers: remote support, maintenance operations, security software implementation, and backup software. We provide custom built desktop computers and servers that combine high performance with durability, while providing flexible ownership options. We also provide website design, maintenance, and hosting.

Who Do We Serve

KovirTech focuses on serving small businesses, non-profit organizations, start-ups, and individuals. More specifically, we have a passion to serve the community and underserved industries. We work with clients to find solutions that fit their individual needs and meet them where they are at. We seek to empower our clients to focus on their core competency and serve their clients. Our products and services complement organizations with technical staff and well-established technology solutions. We are a transformative resource to organizations whose staff are not technical experts and currently utilize consumer level technology solutions. We also seek to serve the community by providing educational events for the next generation.

Why Do We Do It

We promote social responsibility. Empowering others to serve the community fuels our mission and drives our innovation. We are not focused on fitting you around products and services, we are interested in fitting products and solutions around you. We believe technology can be used to greatly accelerate the pace and breadth of service to local communities and the society at large. If only everyone knew what technology would serve them best, those people would be free to pursue their passion and serve their clients most efficiently. We want to bridge the gap for those who aren’t sure if their current technology systems are serving them best. We also seek to improve the technology systems that are identified as meeting needs and optimize their use.

We take the initiative of up-cycling and recycling technology effectively. We look for opportunities to up-cycle computers and equipment no longer deemed cutting-edge by it’s previous user, in order to benefit local charities, nonprofits, and community organizations. We also develop programs to teach the next generation about the process of upcycling and recycling technology.

We seek to provide diverse employment opportunities that serve the employee and utilize their gifts and abilities. We look for ways to provide flexible and accommodative work structure that best serves our clients and our employees. We wish to empower our employees to solve challenges at work as well as in their personal lives.